Week #16 Dems Propose Killing Birthmark Babies

Week #16 Dems Propose Killing Birthmark Babies


Protecting Human Life

“…funds appropriated under this section shall not be distributed to any person [corp., LLC, etc.] … who participates in the willful termination of human life.”

defundThose words appeared Wednesday in an amendment by House Republicans, as their version of SF 446 (the Health and Human Services budget effective July 1, 2013).  The vote followed party lines, with 52 Republicans voting Yes and 46 Democrats voting No and two members absent.

We extend our compliments to Rep. Heaton who floor managed the bill, Rep. Windschitl who proposed the specific language protecting human life, and to all who voted for it!

On Thursday, the Senate “refused to concur” with the House amendment, which will send the bill to a conference committee next week.

Iowans who do not want their tax dollars going to abortionists should carefully watch what the conference committee members propose, as they try to resolve differences between the chambers.  Pray that House Republicans will continue to stand firm against using your tax dollars to prop up abortionists, and reject any conference committee proposal to continue this barbaric practice.


Democrats Propose Killing Birthmark Babies

birthmarkbabyRepresentative Beth Wessel-Kroeschell, a Democrat from Ames, sponsored amendment H-1408.  Observers were shocked to see her proposal that would not just protect the abortionists, but also expand tax-payer funded abortions to include cases of “congenital illness.”

Her specific language was included in her definition of a “medically necessary abortion” and read as follows:

The attending physician certifies that the fetus is physically deformed, mentally deficient, or afflicted with a congenital illness.

Does Rep. Wessel-Kroeschell really intend to expand abortion to include conditions such as a birthmark to become a reason for killing a baby?  And did her fellow Democrats (except for Reps. Muhlbauer and Dunkle) really mean to vote for such a barbaric proposal? (Note: Muhlbauer and Dunkle then voted FOR the final version of the full bill, SF466)

Many pro-life groups including the TFL team worked hard to lobby against this terrible amendment, and were so thankful when the amendment failed on a 53 to 46 vote.  Praise God!


This meeting is … not yet adjourned.

gavelThe House and Senate appear to be headed toward adjournment, with most budget bills now in a conference committee.  Daily expense money to legislators ends on Friday May 3rd.  For most who serve, this is not a major issue, but it does present some hardship.  Several lawmakers have moved out of their temporary lodging and are staying in hotels.

We will however, encourage pro-life legislators to hold fast to the House language on defunding abortion providers, regardless of what the calendar says.

Please join us in lifting them up in prayer, and send your Representative or Senator a note of encouragement to vote in favor of the House version of SF 446.


Education Reform Stalled

school-choice1Governor Branstad’s efforts to pass education reform remain stalled in a conference committee.  It is unclear at this time if there is sufficient support to pass anything.  The FAMiLY LEADER remains committed to home-school and private school reform included in the House proposal.

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