Week #16: Lawmakers Holding the Line for Life!

Week #16: Lawmakers Holding the Line for Life!


House Lawmakers Holding the Line for Life, saying, “No tax dollars to abortionists”

“…funds appropriated under this section shall not be distributed to any person, as defined in section 4.1, who participates in the willful termination of human life.”

The Iowa House of Representatives, on May 1, 2013, included those words in amendment H-1378 to Senate File 446 and returned the bill to the Democrat controlled Senate.  We again extend our compliments and gratitude to Representative Matt Windschitl and Floor Manager Dave Heaton for their clear pro-life leadership in drafting and passing this measure.

The bill (SF 446) is now in a conference committee comprised of 5 Senators and 5 Representatives.  We expect the conference committee to pursue a compromise sometime next week.

The question remains; will the Republican controlled House be able to keep this pro-life provision in the final conference committee report?  Senate File 446 is a huge Health and Human Services budget bill and only one of ten such bills yet to be passed before the Legislature adjourns.

We are encouraged that many Pro-life Republicans have made it clear that retaining this protection for unborn babies is essential if they are to vote for any compromise.

Let’s make sure we hold them up in prayer and offer them our words of encouragement in these final days of the session.


Education Delays Adjournment

school-choice1Education reform, a priority of Governor Branstad’s, continues to delay legislative adjournment.  Most of the public discussion deals with teacher pay, evaluations and student testing.  Relief for home school families and private schools is still included in the legislation. Families that value home school and private school education need to be vigilant as a final compromise is considered.  At The FAMiLY Leader we believe that if massive spending increases for public schools is approved it is only fair that additional freedom from government be proved to parents that choose private instruction.

Encourage your legislator to support private and home school freedom in ANY final compromise on education reform.

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