Week #17: A Gosnell in Iowa?

Week #17: A Gosnell in Iowa?


Life is Sacred!

righttolifeAs the Iowa Legislature moves toward adjournment, we are still working for a provision in the Health and Human Services budget to prevent your tax dollars from going to abortionists.   The House amendment, H-1378, that we are supporting has a chance of passage this Session.  Events on the national and Iowa scene undergird why we need to stop this in Iowa.  Consider the following reports:

The Heritage Foundation questions “tax money for abortionists” in light of Gosnell

heritageSarah Torre at the Heritage Foundation wrote an article linking the Gosnell case to continued government payments to abortionists like him.  She concluded her piece with the following statement:

“In light of the brutality that became commonplace at [Gosnell’s abortuary] and has appeared elsewhere, policymakers should rethink continued financial support for an industry that creates and supports the likes of Gosnell.”

You can read the entire article here.


Dr. Jill Meadows – Iowa’s Kermit Gosnell?

JillMeadowsThe Iowa Republican reports that Iowa has its own version of recently convicted murderer Kermit Gosnell.  Read more about Dr. Jill Meadows here.


U.S. Congressman has questions for Iowa

tommilleragIowa Attorney General Tom Miller recently received a letter from U.S. Congressman Bob Goodlatte, the House Judiciary Committee Chairman.  Rep. Goodlatte apparently is asking all fifty state Attorneys General to provide information on their states’ laws, regulations, inspections and litigation of Gosnell-type abortion centers.  As of this report, it is unclear if Attorney General Miller plans to respond to Rep. Goodlatte’s request for information.  A copy of the letter sent to Virginia’s Attorney General is here.  We understand Iowa’s letter is similar.

Concluding Action:

PLEASE let your voice be heard on behalf of Iowa’s voiceless—call or email your Rep. and Senator NOW, in the final hours of this Session:  “NO MORE tax dollars to abortionists!”

Thank you, and may God bless our efforts together to save the least of these, the tiniest members of our human family!


Education Reform

school-choice1Governor Branstad’s education reform initiative remains alive.  Representative Jorgensen, Republican from Sioux City and the House leader on education, said his fellow Republicans will stand firm in support of home-school families and private school relief.  A few Senate Democrats are reportedly holding out in resistance to any relief for parental choice in education.  Please contact and encourage your state Senator to support home school and private school parents.

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