Think bigger! Join in prayer for the election

Think bigger! Join in prayer for the election


Before Election Day comes November 8, let us all take a step back from politics and presidents and remember that our greatest hope is not in an earthly prince, but in the King of Kings.

For something tragic has happened, particularly in the church, during this contentious election season. Sharp rhetoric and bitter division over politics have turned Americans, even brothers in Christ, against one another.

The reality is, when our eyes are focused on the kingdoms of the world, we lose focus on the things that are truly important.

So let’s think bigger than just one election. Let’s take time to acknowledge that America needs God most of all. In fact … let’s take 40 days of time.

For 40 days, beginning Sept. 30 until Election Day Nov. 8, thousands of Christians around the world are already committing to focus their hearts not on politics, but on prayer.

It’s called #Focus4Forty, an intentional initiative of the If 7:14 movement. Because we’re completely serious: Without prayer this election, America doesn’t have a prayer. We need real change, real cultural transformation, revival change in America. No one else and nothing else will do.


The good news, however, is that joining #Focus4Forty is easy, it’s free, and it’s uniting believers in prayer for revival.

To join #Focus4Forty:

    • Click here to visit the #Focus4Forty page of
    • On the page you can download the free If 7:14 app, which will remind you twice daily, every day, to pray for revival in America. For the 40 days from Sept. 30 to Nov. 8, it will focus our prayers on seeking God during election season. (If you’ve already downloaded the If 7:14 app and are praying with us, there’s nothing more you need to do to join #Focus4Forty. On Sept. 30, the daily prayer reminders you’re already getting will focus intentionally on America’s revival and our true hope this election season. After Election Day, the daily prayer reminders will continue encouraging you to pray for revival in the many different areas of your life.)
    • Encourage others with your prayers by using the hashtag #Focus4Forty on Twitter and Facebook.

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And if you’re a pastor or want to encourage your church to join in #Focus4Forty, here are some resources to help:

  • A bulletin insert inviting YOUR church to join #Focus4Forty
  • A paragraph blurb for your church’s announcements, inviting people to join #Focus4Forty
  • PowerPoint slides in both standard and widescreen formats introducing #Focus4Forty
  • To download the video above to your computer for playback, click here.
  • Preview the upcoming #Focus4Forty prayer reminders by clicking here.

Look … knowing who to vote for this election might not be easy. But it shouldn’t incite battles between brothers either. It’s time for the church to unite again around its higher calling, around its true hope. It’s time for the church to seek first God’s kingdom and His righteousness and unite in prayer.

And let’s acknowledge one other truth: After 40 days of prayer, we’ll all be much better prepared for what to do when we DO enter the voting booth.