Why Caucus

Why Caucus




1. It’s a matter of Christian stewardship.

In the United States the power to appoint leaders is given to the people. And Iowans are in the unique position to voice first what kind of president we should elect. How would God have you use that gift and responsibility?

Remember, government is an institution created by God (Romans 13:1-6; 1 Peter 2:13-14), its leaders are even called “ministers of God” in Scripture (Romans 13:4,6, KJV), and its God-given purposes easily become corrupted without Christians engaged and guiding it.

2. The Caucus is the vote that really matters.

How many times have you seen the two candidates up for election in November and wondered why vote at all? By the time the two parties choose their nominee, it’s too late to insist we have a leader of Christian worldview.

The decision on who runs for president, who is on the ballot in November, starts with the caucus. If Christians flooded the caucuses, the parties wouldn’t have any choice but to nominate godly candidates!

3. This is the time for revival.

In the Bible, when Israel had gone astray and God brought revival, He used both the “church” and the “state.” Josiah is the prime example of a king whose call to repentance brought his nation back to the heart of God.

Presidents have historically pulled America closer to God … or turned us from Him. It’s time for the voice of the church to help elect a president who will lead in godly ways. Now is when we choose our Josiah. It is time!

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