9 Reasons You Will Be Made to Care

All across the nation, Christians are being targeted by homosexual activists who’s agenda is clear: approve of my lifestyle or pay the consequences!  At first, the cases were few and far between.  Now the number of cases are building, and the collective threat is growing, with the goal of suffocating Christians’ vocal opposition to promoting a lifestyle which is not consistent with their faith.

jackphillipsbakerNathan Koppel and Ashby Jones of The Wall Street Journal did a story highlighting some of the business who have been attacked legally after refusing to provide serves based on their firmly held religious beliefs.  One would think, “How can they be accused of freely practicing their faith?  Doesn’t the First Amendment provide us freedom of religion?”  Yes, it does, but the activists are hand-picking judges and courts with the goal of establishing “precedent” – thereby affecting the results of future cases.

stevedeaceHaven’t heard about these cases?  Not a surprise.  A large portion of the media hasn’t been picking up these stories because it doesn’t cater to the image that those professing the homosexual lifestyle are victims of everyone else.  In an article for CNS News, nationally syndicated radio host Steve Deace highlights some of the many cases across the globe, including:

  1. In London, an American evangelist was arrested for saying homosexuality is a sin while he was doing some sidewalk preaching.
  2. In Australia, a new television ad campaign includes an ultra-sound technician telling a young couple, “Congratulations, you’re having a lesbian.”
  3. In California a bill was passed that allows boys to use the girls’ bathrooms/locker rooms, and vice versa.
  4. In Seattle, homosexual activists were captured on video brutally beating a Christian street preacher.
  5. Next year, the Disney Channel will feature a lesbian couple on one of its TV sitcoms aimed at youth.
  6. In New Mexico, a photographer’s refusal to service a gay wedding on religious grounds violated the New Mexico Human Rights Act.
  7. In Colorado, a baker faces up to a year in jail for refusing to make a wedding cake for a homosexual couple on religious conscience grounds, even though state law doesn’t recognize any union other than a marriage between a man and a woman.
  8. GORTZFLOWERSIn Iowa, Betty and Dick Odgaard, owners of Görtz Haus Gallery in Grimes, are under attack after declining services to a same-sex “marriage.”  And if you want to see what unfettered “love and compassion” look like from homosexual activists, just click on the link and read what kind of hate mail they received.  Pretty ripe stuff coming from people who say their lifestyle is all about “loving someone.”
  9. Another example of homosexual activists going after businesses is Barilla Pasta:


What will you do?  Will you give in to their agenda by saying and doing nothing?  Or will you lead yourself, your family, your church, and your community?  Our nation, our children need leadership.  What you choose will impact generations to come.

To paraphrase a quote from Winston Churchill:

“If you do not fight when you have a chance of winning, you will eventually fight when you have no hope of winning, because it will be better to die than to live.”


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